Sexual Harassment Prevention (AB 1825) and Other Workforce Training Workshops

Organizations Must Ensure Their Employees Undergo Training Regularly

Training employees on your organization’s HR policies and on applicable employment-related laws is critical to ensure that employees at all levels understand not only what is expected of them but also that their acts or omissions can impact the liability of their employer and can, in certain instances, result in personal liability against them.  It is especially important that management level employees both undergo such training and have their work performance evaluated, at least in part, on their compliance with and consistent application of their employer’s policies.

Harassment, discrimination and retaliation are perhaps the most important issues on which employees should be regularly trained, as employers in California have an affirmative duty mandated by statute to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace and to take appropriate corrective actions to end it.  Moreover, conducting such training will help your organization not only comply with its legal obligations but also minimize the damage to employee morale and productivity that often results from such misconduct.

Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors

At Miller Legal Group, P.C., we offer employers a variety of live “in person” or “on site” training workshops, including supervisor sexual harassment training which complies with all of the mandates of California Assembly Bill 1825 (“AB 1825”).  In addition, our workshops can be presented on a more regular basis, as needed, via interactive webinars to ensure continuous compliance with AB 1825.

Effective January 1, 2006, AB 1825 mandated that covered employers doing business in California require all of their supervisory employees who work in California undergo sexual harassment awareness training.  Specifically, AB 1825 requires companies that regularly employ 50 or more employees (part-time, full-time and temporary), agents and/or independent contractors ensure their covered supervisors undergo two hours of sexual harassment prevention training every two years.  This law also requires that newly hired or promoted supervisors undergo such training within six (6) months of their hire or promotion.

Our supervisor sexual harassment prevention training workshops are conducted in person, are interactive and are customized to address unique issues facing your industry and/or your business.  Our courses help managers develop the necessary skills to prevent harassment, discrimination and retaliation, communicate expectations about workplace conduct, recognize and respond to problematic behavior and maintain an environment where employees are comfortable bringing forward concerns.


What Do Our Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshops Cover?

The content covered by our AB 1825 compliant training workshops includes:

  • A thorough examination of your organization’s policies against harassment, discrimination and retaliation
  • An understandable definition of unlawful sexual harassment under both the California Fair Employment & Housing Act (“FEHA”) and Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”).  Training seminars can also be expanded to cover other forms of harassment (e.g., age, race, national origin, disability, etc.)
  • Applicable statutory provisions of the FEHA and Title VII as well as important legal decisions interpreting those laws
  • Types of work-related conduct constituting sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation, including case studies and “real world” examples of such conduct, so supervisors understand how to prevent, recognize, and respond to complaints of alleged sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation
  • Strategies for preventing sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation
  • Remedies available for sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation complaints
  • An employer’s obligation to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation of complaints of such alleged inappropriate conduct
  • The limited confidentiality associated with the investigative process
  • Other resources available to employees who complain of harassment, discrimination and retaliation

In addition to training your supervisory personnel on the prevention of harassment, discrimination and retaliation, we also conduct training workshops for non-management employees on these subjects.


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Other Management Training Workshops and Programs

At Miller Legal Group, P.C., we also offer a variety of other training workshops designed to help employers avoid and/or mitigate the risks associated with employment related claims and disputes.  Each of these workshops is especially tailored both to an employer’s particular industry and to the nature of the employer’s workforce and culture.  Some of the training programs and workshops we offer include:

  • California’s Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors (AB 1825) – for management/supervisory personnel only
  • Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Awareness and Prevention – for both management and non-management personnel
  • Identification and Administration of Leaves of Absence and Related Issues (e.g., California Family Rights Act, federal Family and Medical Leave Act, military service laws, pregnancy and other disability laws, California’s workers’ compensation laws, etc.) – for management personnel only
  • Disability Accommodation and the Interactive Process – for management personnel only
  • Effective Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring – for management personnel only
  • Performance Management, Coaching, Corrective Counseling, Discipline and Termination:  Practical Tips to Help Your Supervisors Avoid Lawsuits and Be Effective Leaders – for management personnel only
  • Proper Handling of Employee Complaints, Including Allegations or Evidence of Whistleblowing or Other Wrongdoing – for management personnel only
  • How to Properly Conduct a Workplace Investigation – for human resource and/or management personnel only
  • Proper Record-Keeping Procedures – for management personnel only

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For more information about our training programs and workshops, please contact one of our Los Angeles and Orange County Sexual Harassment (A.B. 1825) Training Lawyers either by email or by telephone at (310) 426-2650.