Investigation and Litigation Support to Attorneys

Legal Outsourcing Services We Offer

Miller Legal Group, P.C. offers services to attorneys seeking to outsource certain aspects of pre-litigation and litigation discovery.  While our attorneys are most often retained to conduct pre-litigation and litigation witness interviews, we also are retained to prepare written attorney work product reports and to participate in strategy sessions.

In addition to our experience conducting workplace investigations, our attorneys have many years of litigation experience, including conducting hundreds of witness interviews and taking and defending countless depositions.  Further, our attorneys specialize exclusively in the area of employment law.

Advantages of Outsourcing

There are many reasons why outsourcing is becoming the norm in business and those reasons translate to the legal world, too.  In fact, retaining legal services on a “just-in-time” or “as needed” basis is becoming an increasingly important cost-cutting strategy for law firms and legal departments.  With increased competition in the legal services industry and ever increasing client demand for more cost-effective legal solutions, this outsourcing strategy is likely to become a fixture of the practice of law in the future.

Why? Because outsourcing certain tasks to attorneys with specialized knowledge and expertise can be a very cost-effective way of delivering legal services to clients.  For law firms and legal departments, outsourcing not only helps reduce heavy workloads but also helps reduce the significant overhead expenses associated with full-time legal staff.  These cost savings can then be passed along to clients, thereby helping attorneys meet both the budgetary requirements and expectations of their clients.

Availability of Our Attorneys

At Miller Legal Group, P.C., our attorneys offer their legal expertise on a part-time, temporary, or project basis to support your organization at any stage.  Further, we will never accept an engagement without ensuring that we will be able to meet your timetable.


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