Fees For Our Attorney Workplace Investigators

The cost to retain an external professional workplace investigator will vary considerably and depends on a number of factors including the scope of the investigation, the complexity of the issues to be resolved, the number of persons to be interviewed, the number of documents to be reviewed, as well as the legal issues involved.  The nature, extent and contents of the investigator’s report(s) also will impact the overall investigative costs.

We Provide Estimated Cost Proposals Upon Request

Where requested to do so, we provide our clients with an estimated cost proposal early on in the process, based on information known at that time or once there is adequate information to make a more meaningful assessment.  Given the nature and uncertainties associated with workplace investigations, such costs estimates are generally “rough” and are intended primarily to convey a general range of potential costs to the client.

We Offer Substantially Reduced Hourly Rates When Our Attorneys Are Retained as External Investigators

In light of the variances mentioned above, the attorney investigators of Miller Legal Group, P.C. charge by the hour for their professional investigative services.  Nonetheless, we offer significantly reduced hourly rates for the conduct of independent workplace investigations.

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To learn more about our workplace investigation services, please contact one of our Torrance Attorney Workplace Investigators either by email or by telephone at (310) 426-2650.